Pharmaceutical Analysis- Recommended Instrument

Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers are ideal for pharmaceutical analysis. The AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer is for small to medium laboratories running around 60 samples/hour. A modular concept makes maintenance easier and the larger ID makes the AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer ideal. The QuAAtro is a microflow high speed analyzer suited to high workloads or labs short on space, using less reagents and producing less waste. For applications not requiring high temperature digestion our Discrete Analyzer range is also an option. Please contact us to discuss your laboratory's requirements.

Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers

For over 50 years SEAL Analytical (previously Bran+Luebbe/ Technicon) has been the expert in automated wet chemistry analyzers. In pharmaceutical applications we understand that regulated standard methods are critical, so all SEAL analyzers are supplied with detailed method descriptions including reagent make up, flow diagrams and specific application notes.

Analyzers Ideal for Use in Pharmaceutical

  • AutoAnalyzer 100 (AA100)- Ideal for laboratories running 1 or 2 dedicated chemistries. Compact benchtop analyzer.
  • AutoAnalyzer 3 HR (AA3 HR) - Up to 100 samples/ hour. Future proof modular design. 
  • AutoAnalyzer AA500- Full software control including automatic startup and complete automatic shutdown.
  • QuAAtro- A microflow analyzer ideal for labs requiring high speed & high throughput analysis, with ultra-low detection limits.

Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • SEAL Analytical has an extensive library of over 1000 methods.
  • IQ/OQ validation documentation available.
  • Multi-range methods, giving the ability to set up your desired range.
  • Dialyzer membrane and on-line distillation options available.
  • Methods used with older AutoAnalyzer II and TrAAcs systems are completely transferable to current model AutoAnalyzers.

Typical Pharmaceutical Parameters

Glucose in Plasma

Total Nitrogen

Parap-Amino-Hippuric Acid (PAH)


Reducing Sugars


Nicotine Nitrate




Note: GLP software available





Discrete Analyzer

The compact Discrete Analysers can be an option for some applications. SEAL Discrete Analyzers are supported by a large library of methods that include analyses important in pharmaceutical analysis. Our stated detection limits will be achieved by typical laboratories, with many users exceeding these detection limits.

Discrete Analyzer Models

  • AQ2 Discrete Analyzer- Up to 180 tests/hour. Up to 7 tests on a single sample. Compact bench-top analyzer.
  • AQ270 Discrete Analyzer- Up to 180 tests/ hour. Up to 7 simultaneous chemistries. Up to 57 sample positions.
  • AQ300 Discrete Analyzer-Up to 180 tests/ hour. Up to 14 simultaneous chemistries. Up to 97 sample positions
  • AQ400 Discrete Analyzer- High capacity analyzer. Up to 216 tests in one run.  Up to 120 sample positions. Up to 30% lower detection limits